Commercial Laundry Bags To ‘Hide’ Dirty Clothes

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Commercial Laundry Bags Blue

Commercial laundry bags – There is nothing more unsightly (and unhealthy) than a pile of dirty laundry stacked in the kitchen or bathroom waiting for laundry. It is clear that it is necessary to save it to go washing it little by little and that does not contribute to give sense of disorder. So to not have dirty clothes in sight in any corner, a good solution is a specific basket in which to ‘hide’ it. There are many types of baskets, but I’ll stick with this new bag for the laundry that just got the Brabantia brand. For its shape and vibrant colors I find the perfect solution for storing clothes in any corner of the house.

You know better than anyone how many times you put the washing machine a week. And where you like to put it: in the bathroom, under the stairs, in the iron room . Or if you prefer to put one in each room. Here we have commercial laundry bags of dirty polyester clothes that do not absorb moisture and is also a very light material. We also have baskets of more traditional style clothes, made with natural materials. Take advantage now that you put a basket of clothes that is nice and decorate

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Besides being perfectly integrated in the decoration. It helps in the task of separating and classifying according to criteria of color, fabrics or types of garment. The bag is large, lightweight, with large and comfortable handles. So it can be carried throughout the house to collect and store the laundry. Large capacity, admits a load of up to 10 kilos, this bag is very easy to use. Simply fold the magnetic handles to get a wide opening where they put all the clothes that are ready to take to the washing machine. And when the bag is empty, you can fold it to save it.

The new commercial laundry bags are ideal for storing clothes that will go to the washing machine. But they will also look good in the bathroom, service areas or bedrooms. Especially in children and teenagers to store all those toys and accumulating junk even under the bed. This innovative bag comes in five striking colors. Such as yellow, red, purple, gray and blue . And in a durable material that is easy to wash or clean by hand. Clothes baskets are make the laundry more fun. Choose your favorite color!

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