Cozy Exercise Ball Desk Chair For You

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Cozy Exercise Ball Desk Chair

Exercise ball desk chair – I suggests using an exercise ball as a desk chair. And you may find anything from excitement to embarrassment or ridicule. Despite the stories of happy adults have made the switch from desk chair to exercise ball. Sit on a ball all day is still seen as something outside the norm. And although there is evidence on the positive effects of sitting on a ball for an extend period of time. There are some disadvantages as well.

In a couple of small studies sit on an exercise ball desk chair held at the University of Waterloo. Some subjects reported discomfort when sitting in a ball for an extended period of time. The researchers speculated that this could be due to increased compression of soft tissue resulting from greater contact area when they sit in a ball, compared with a chair exercise.

One of the main attractions of sitting on an exercise ball desk chair instead of an office chair is the idea of having an abdominal workout without extra effort. It is true that for people without condition. The only act to keep your balance while you sit on a ball can present a challenge. But also it includes a potential risk: you could hurt you if you fall at the time of a distraction or lack of coordination.

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