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Desk Chair Cushion – The chairs are as comfortable as their stuffing. If your chair is made of wood or metal, it is likely to be less comfortable the longer you are seated. However, it is easy to make a simple cushion for any chair. This will add comfort to the chair and make it more attractive. Choose a tapestry of attractive and durable fabric with a color, and design you like. Sometimes shops of fabrics have decorator fabric remnants at discount prices and can find something good for a not too expensive price. Read more


Thees are instructions for makes desk chair cushion simple: 1) Place a piece of thick foam 3 to 4 inches (7.6 to 10.1 cm) into the seat of the chair. Draw the shape of the chair by tracing along the bottom of the cushion with a marker. Cut the cushion using an electric knife, the one used to cut meat. If you do not have it, you can use a serrated knife. Clean the edges and check how the cushion fits several times. Fold fabric washed and ironed in half. Place the cushion on the fabric with 1 extra inch (2.54 cm) on both sides closer to the edge. Cut around the fabric leaving 1 inch (2.54) extra on all sides. Measure the thickness of the foam and add one inch (2.54 cm) per half inch (1.27 cm) for the seam allowance. Measure the perimeter of the desk chair cushion. Cut strips of the side for these dimensions. You may have to put together more than one strip to get the length you need.

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