DIY Laundry Bag Stand With PVC

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Laundry Bag Stand DIY

Laundry Bag Stand – Build a frame PVC pipe laundry basket for an easy to prepare a place to store dirty laundry. PVC is a strong building material and is make as grade pipes of furniture for the construction of household objects. PVC pipes are easy to cut with a PVC pipe cutter. Make a basket of PVC pipe laundry with pipes, three-way L accessories and a laundry bag. Buy 1/2 inch for PVC grade furniture pipe ¾ inch thick. Cut the tubes to size with a PVC pipe cutter which can be found in hardware stores, a hacksaw or saw from a hack, then paper use sand to smooth the edges.

Wear a respirator when cutting and sanding PVC. Place pieces of pipe with PVC fittings. Create joints with three-way L fittings. Purchase a laundry bag stand or use an old clothing bag and sew the Velcro or suspend PVC with PVC pressure fittings, which look like PVC pipes, but are open and C-shaped so they can fit into the tube. Measure the area where the basket will be place and determine how wide, long and high the basket will be before cutting any tubing. Mark the measurements on the tubes with a pencil and make cuts inside the line. Cut the longer tube pieces first, then cut the second long piece and cut the later pieces.

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Doing this will avoid losing pipe by making too many scrap pieces that are too small to be use for longer pieces. Connect the pieces of length and width with the three way L connections to make a rectangle that will sit on the floor. Insert the height pieces on the top of the L fittings and put an L-way trim on the top pieces of height. Press the remaining length pieces and the width into the L fittings to make a top rectangle stand. This should be view as an outline of a three-dimensional rectangle. Attach the laundry bag stand to the top rectangle with accessories.

Place the bag inside the frame of the basket and about two inches above the outside of the fold. Then clip the bag to the tubing with the accessory accessories. Sew the Velcro in the bag to make the bag easy to remove and carry to the laundry room. Mark the Velcro locations with pins, washable marker or chalk while the bag folds over the top of the basket frame. Install a laundry bag stand containing a cord for easy bag removal. Fold the bag over the frame and pull the loop closed, then a loose knot to hold the bag in place.

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