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Mesh Laundry Bags Clothes

Mesh laundry bags – Use the paper tape to mark, in the largest rectangle of fabric, 13cm from the edge of the upper in the whole width. It will be the upper space that we leave unprinted, and then make a fold. Now we have to “decorate” the fabric, brushing our rubber foam circle every time we go to stamp. And pressing with it on the space the fabric that was below the mark that we made with tape. The technique is as if it were the one of a seal, that is why they are going to be irregular with spaces without painting, and that is the grace of the same one.  Fold the piece stamped horizontally in half, leaving its stamped faces in, place pins on the edge and join both ends with a vertical seam. In the cut of square fabric (of 35x35cm) we must mark a circle.

And then cut and use of base of the bag. A good way to do this is to fold that cut into 4 equal parts. And go marking with a ruler from its lower left corner, 15cm so as to form an arc as shown in the reference image. Then, without unfolding said cut, cut that marked arc. And when we unfold the cut we have a perfect circle, 30cm of base diameter. Joining said circle, all with pins around the base of our mesh laundry bags . To handles, each folded in half, unit at one end, turning inside out the other open end. Makes a hem Terminate and close it with a machine. Then, Iron the handles so that the seam is centered towards the inside of the bag. As shown in the reference image, and set aside to then join it.

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Join the base of the bag with the sewing machine on the inner side of the bag. Then turn it to the right and make two folds on its top edge (the one we left without sewing). And then sew it inside The handles, with a gap between the strips, approximately 5 cm apart and 5 cm from the top edge.  And ready! You already have your basket / mesh laundry bags ready to use, give away or elegantly decorate the laundry sector.  The great thing about this technique is that learning how to make container bags of this style. You can do different sizes, in all the printed fabrics that you like. And also serve for many different uses, such as: panera, flower pot, toy container, etc.

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