Can You Grow Strawberries In Square Laundry Basket?

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Bamboo Square Laundry Basket

Square laundry basket – Before throwing the old square laundry basket away, consider turning it into a strawberry planter. Strawberry plants require good drainage. And also the open plot of plastic baskets and wicker laundry offers excellent drainage. Choose wide mouth, shallow baskets rather than deep ones, tight ones. Strawberry plants have shallow, spreading roots systems that require more than depth surface. When deciding on a wicker or basket of plastic linens for growing strawberries, both have advantages and disadvantages.

Wicker, for example, has a more aesthetic appeal, but breaks faster than plastic. Things that will serve you are fertilizer shredding abd screen clippers. To grow strawberries in square laundry basket, starting with linen line with screen. These to keep the ground and still let the excess water. With a bit of tight wicker fabric or plastic square baskets, you can skip this passage. Next, fill the square laundry basket for two-thirds with soil. Use a well drained commercial mix. Mix a balanced 10-10-10 or 14-14-14 fertilizer in the soil before planting. Check the label on the packaging to determine the amount to be used.

Form the ground in heaps spaced 6-8 centimeters away. Bring the heifers up to 1-2 centimeters below the top of the square laundry basket. Spread the roots on a strawberry plant and place the plant on one of the mulberry trees. Add enough soil to keep it upright. Continue to plant and fill until all the strawberry plants are positioned correctly. After that, add extra soil until it reaches the crown area. The crown is where the strawberry plant is divided into roots and stems. Make sure to bring the ground up to, but not above, the crown area. Water the strawberries just planted until the water starts to escape from the holes in the side of the laundry basket. And place it in a sunny position on a patio, terrace or veranda.

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Check the ground by sticking the index finger in the middle half above. When you feel dry, immerse the square laundry basket with water. In the cold season, this may be the least once a week. But in hot and dry weather it may be necessary to water up to twice daily to keep the strawberry plants drying. Start harvesting strawberries that ripen naturally on plants. Usually about three months after planting. Hook the stem right over each fruit with a pair of shears. Last, cut runners as they form. Car strawberries propagate by sending runners off the ground. These form new plants. Cut them off the mother plant to direct more energy in making strawberries than new plants.

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