Wash Wool With Thirty One Laundry Bag

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Thirty one laundry bag – Can you washing wool correctly? It’s very easy job. Wash only wool when dirty. It is not necessary to wash wool so often. You can easily use it several times before washing. You can advantage wrap the wool to dry out. Also in humid weather. Or on a hanger in the bathroom when you are in the bathroom. Not only for your children’s woolen clothes – will it also be good for your wool cardigan. Hang them out in fresh air and let the wind and weather freshen the woolen cloth. Pour wool detergent onto the stains and pack the laundry into a thirty one laundry bag. Leave the bag overnight and then wash the machine on the wool program. Or use bugs soap stain remover. Same method as detergent. Soaking and then washing in the machine.

Then, wash the woolen clothes together. Wool body stocking, leggings, cardigans and wool socks can easily be washed together. However, you should take into account the colors. White and off white to wash separately. Insert each of the color at the thirty one laundry bag. After that, use wool detergent. There are many wool products on the market. If you are looking for a Swan label and / or asthma and allergy label, you are sure of an allergy-friendly wash. You can use living and Neutral brands. You can buy them in most supermarkets and for reasonable money. The wool detergent should be dosed properly. Look behind the detergent and follow the instructions. It’s just the first few times you have to read and check how much you need. Then it is quickly learned.

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Too much detergent gives sticky wool laundry. Too little detergent does not give the laundry the moisture and treatment that keeps the wool intact. You can try yourself a little bit with vinegar. It can also make the wool soft and delicious. Next, use the wool program in the machine. Not all washing machines are the same. But most have a wool washing program. My even has two. A wool 30 degrees and wool 40 degrees. Wool 30 can easily clean our wool clean. Last, drying of wool. Do not leave the woolen cloth at thirty one laundry bag in the machine. It is best to hung to dry immediately. Wool dries much faster than plain cotton. Do not hang large knitted sweaters or cardigans on the hanger. They get up quickly and become “too long”. You can conveniently put them on a towel on the bathroom floor.

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