Renew White Laundry Basket Color

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Wicker White Laundry Basket

White laundry basket – Whether you have a white plastic or a wicker basket laundry inhibit, prevents most will last a very long time. The only real problem with the laundry shelter after years of use can be the color. Are you   just sick and tired of the shabby white laundry inhibit you’ve had for over 20 years? Or maybe you want to use white hem to add some color into the bathroom or bedroom? So, consider changing the hiding color. Instead of buying a new laundry basket, buy some affordable spray paint to give it a new white color looked.

So, to renew white laundry basket color is, starting with lay some garbage bags on the ground to protect the floor against the paint. It’s best to do this job either outside or in your garage-with the garage door open. These to keep the space around you ventilated. Add some garbage bags. Wall, secure them with push pins if you work in your garage. With white spray paint primer, shake the bottle. If you have a white wood, white plastic or light wood colored, you may not need primer. However, primer will help you to use smaller coat of colored spray paint. Next, press the nozzle until you get a smooth flow of spray paint.

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Coat your entire home-starting from the top and working down-with primer. Without dropping your finger from the mouthpiece. Keeping a steady stream of spray paint will help to coat inhibit evenly. For the primer to dry, allow twenty four hours. Shake the bottle of white spray paint very well. You can find spray paint in almost any white color (such as light or dark) and shadow in a home improvement store or a hardware store. Place your finger on the nozzle and again, wait until you have a smooth flow of paint. Spray the white laundry basket in a fine mist from top to bottom.

You may need two to three layers of spray paint to complete the job. Wait 24 hours in between each coat with spray paint. For more pretty looked, revive the new white laundry basket with some decorative tape. Finish. And this is very delightful project guys. This idea also works well if you want to dress up a new basket of clothes for a gift for a friend expecting a baby. Use a baby themed ribbon. Such as ducklings and loop through the openings of the basket before tying the ends of a bow. Fill with baby clothes, baby powder soap and cloth diapers.

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