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Oval Wicker Laundry Basket With Lid

Wicker laundry basket with lid – After reading this post, you will come to the conclusion that if you do not have a laundry area and iron at home. It is because you have not put it to it. You will see that it is possible to create these spaces (necessary as well as despised) in a recess, in a passage area or in a closet . Take out the meter, paper and pencil, and take notes. In many houses there is a dead zone or a distributor that gives way to other rooms. Which we end up decorating with a console, a mirror and a coat rack … or at most, a shelf. In a space of 4 or 3 m² you can put a washer-dryer, basket of clothes and shelves for cleaning utensils.

If we have a large kitchen, we do not have to have a washing area and iron outside, subtracting meters to other rooms. A front of cabinets can solve the problem. The sliding doors with top and bottom guides remain the solution to maximize space. If you have a house with enough space. You can give yourself the luxury of even having a “laundry” like this. Which counts, with window and natural light, something not inconsiderable, since these areas require ventilation and a moisture-free environment .

Look what a cozy little iron room, with tiled floor in black and white. Then space for the table, a counter top, high cabinets and two wicker laundry basket with lid, one for dirty clothes and the other without ironing. We estimate that this room is no more than 4 m². Sliding mirror doors: this idea seems fantastic. We steal some space at the entrance of the house or a wide hallway. And there we installed the laundry area and iron. We need 1 m wide and 2.5 m to 3 m long. The key is in the sliding mirror- lined doors , which will give visual amplitude to the space.

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We have loved its decoration: the natural wood planks in a front, wicker laundry basket with lid, the blue “freshness” in a wall, the aseptic materials. Such as the gray porcelain floor, the vertical stave cupboards , the ironing board that folds in a Wardrobe. And a central space, which serves to hang clothes if necessary. In short, it does not lack detail. Do not fool ourselves: without belittling the previous spaces, this washing and ironing area takes the palm.

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